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esReverse: the all-in-one platform

Secure, run, and grow your binary analysis expertise with esReverse. A powerful, collaborative platform dedicated to cybersecurity activities like penetration testing, vulnerability research, code validation, and binary debugging.
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Meet the platform for powerful analyses

Binary analysis tools are required for cybersecurity assessments at the software code's binary level. Suitable for testing final products on the field or in pre production, it requires dedicated methods and expertise to set up. esReverse meets this challenge head-on, delivering one single binary analysis platform that centralises essential tools.

esReverse enables you to conduct static, dynamic, and stress testing. esReverse aggregates many binary scanner tools within the same workspace, significantly increasing the productivity and effectiveness of security teams in tackling complex challenges.

Your collaborative, open & flexible workspace

Explore esReverse's collaborative workspace, designed to unify team efforts through a consistent working approach, streamlining workflows, and facilitating knowledge retention.

Customise esReverse and integrate third-party tools to suit your specific analysis needs, taking full advantage of the platform's open architecture.

Additionally, its flexible nature ensures it fits smoothly into any work environment, supporting both on-premises and cloud-based setups.

Create, expand and share expertise

Access expertise effortlessly with our comprehensive library, offering detailed resources on complex software analysis topics. Make use of our executable and customizable use cases, tutorials, and theoretical notebooks to bring your team up to speed with the latest technologies and methodologies.

The Knowledge Center operates as a search engine for these documents, allowing you to access all pertinent knowledge for specific analysis methods or stages of the analysis workflow.

Dynamic analyses capabilities

Improve your analysis precision by monitoring code at runtime. esReverse combines binary emulation with passive and active analysis techniques, acting as an emulator, disassembler, debugger, and offering runtime analysis, such as fault injection, code instrumentation, and fuzzing capabilities, all within the same workspace.

Leverage esReven technology as unique Timeless Analysis tool to effortlessly navigate through code execution, backward or forward, with a single click. Take one step further with Intel extension implementing Windows full system emulation and giving taint analysis capabilities. Arm extension with the Android full system emulation offers unrivalled timeless analysis capabilities in the mobile space.

The power in your hands


Customise your workspace to fit your specific analysis needs


Share insights with your team and accelerate discoveries


Adapt esReverse to your infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud


Save time and reduce effort in your security analyses

Expertise oriented

Retain valuable know-how and centralise expertise within your team
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Streamline your analysis process with esReverse's user-friendly interface

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esReverse is the most amazing piece of software I have ever used for system-level analysis. It provides an unprecedented level of detail of the system execution state. It allows me to perform “time travel” debugging of the entire system (both kernel and user mode) with great ease. Its reverse/forward taint analysis engine is also vulnerability analysis.

It is truly a reverse engineer’s dream tool.”



“Systems are built on layers of complexity which just add new attack surfaces instead of real protection

esReverse gives you the unique ability to quickly dissect the layer of complexity and discover vulnerabilities otherwise easily obscured from public security.”



“It can be very time consuming to determine if a bug is exploitable or not.

This reverse engineering platform allows us to identify the exploitability of the bug quickly.”



"esReverse is the dream technology for anyone who wants to understand what a binary does time-wise. It enables to quicly get around the most complex protection mechanisms like packers, crypto, timers or even multi-stage payload. The time saved is invaluable!

The best way to analyze targeted campaigns."


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Binary Analysis

How to use esReven to Reverse Engineer a malware

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