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Extensive professional, passionate and ongoing support

As an accredited Common Criteria and Payment Security laboratory, we wanted to update our expertise in Software-Based Mobile Payment. In order to quickly ramp up, we decided to put our staff through a comprehensive and customized training program with eshard.

eshard provided us with us state-of-art knowledge in white-box cryptography and mobile application reverse engineering. Moreover, they also offered us an innovative way of training our staff, using their own custom online coaching platform, esDynamic, making their knowledge and experience available to our engineers. The online coaching covered theoretical knowledge as well as practical exercises and was all conducted within esDynamic. We have found this approach to one-to-one learning has been very effective.

Solving training problems on our own, and asking for hints when stuck resulted in extremely effective learning

Security expertise is very much about regular research and intensive practice. Thanks to eshard’s training track-record, practical work is a major component in their training curriculum. With their software platform, esDynamic, our people were able to perform exercises and get custom one-to-one guidance from their coaches whenever they need it.

Our team of experts were enthusiastic adopters of training format after this experience. They were able to work effectively on their day to day work while also acquiring greater knowledge and experience in specific areas, thanks to the esDynamic platform and eshard’s experts being always approachable and available to help our engineers.

We feel the online coaching has the best way to develop our experts' talent

At the end of the training exercise, our team received a completion certificate, stating all the newly-acquired techniques, along with advice of how to keep learning. We are very happy we chose to work with eshard and we would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in information security expertise.




Analyse your risk with esDynamic

Perform white-box cryptography and side-channel analysis with this all-in-one, web-based platform. Collaborate, share and exchange results among different experts in the most efficient way possible. Ideal for test labs, secure product developers, researchers and universities.


Binary code checker

A web-based analysis tool to review mobile application binary code, without the need for in-depth knowledge. With one click of a button, you can reveal the binary, and get a better understanding of the nature of protections within the code.



Analyse security

Analyse the risk of your product or solution


Gain insight into the security level of your product or solution. This knowledge will allow you to take an educated decision about where to invest to keep the security up to a standard you are satisfied with, how to monitor this and how to control this. Manage your risk. In total confidentiality.

Fix security issues

Our experts will help you optimise your product's security

Security issues in mobile and connected devices are not alway easy to identify and manage. If you are unsure how to fix security issues in order to achieve certification, you can rely on our help. Our experts understand the latest threats and attacks and have broad experience in finding security gaps and fill them.

Gain knowledge

Better manage your security

Getting a better understanding of weaknesses and how to patch them will give you the opportunity to better manage your security. During our training courses, you will forge your own expertise throughout our practical sessions and get a pro-active learning experience.