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  1. Cybersecurity is an issue that will never go away
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Our Approach

Cybersecurity is an issue that will never go away. Whilst challenges vary in complexity, it is not always clear how to proceed or start. Here at eShard, we have a tried and tested process our clients can follow.

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Enabling and empowering experts with training modules and support.

Specialized training sessions, self-serve online learning alongside one-to-one practical exercises guided by our experts. The ability to build your own program, to develop it from wherever you are at a pace that suits you. Dedicated sessions for beginners and experts, helping them to get up to speed and expand their knowledge.

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We can help build a bespoke lab just for you.

A lab built by our experts for your experts tailored to your needs and allowing for expansion and development. Delivered with practical exercises for you to use that enable you to learn and explore tests. Continuous learning processes built in, facilitating the development of your team’s expertise, helping them achieve more than you thought possible.

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Understand how to use the right methodology for the right security challenge.

Advice and guidance on the best way to manage cybersecurity risk exposure. Find the right balance between performance and functionality against the needs of security and risk management. Ensure industry best practices and standards are adhered to.

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By your side, here to help you in assisting in the delivery.

Work with expert security teams, helping them upskill in the field of cybersecurity. Lead them through the latest techniques and working methodologies. Helping wider teams to use the platform, expanding their knowledge and improving their ability to deliver.

We develop

Our flagship platform, esDynamic, enables cybersecurity experts to examine, test, understand and manage the security of mobile and connected devices.

esDynamic platform

  • Side-channel made efficient
  • Get the reference state-of-the-art
  • Grow your expertise
  • Effective collaboration

A flexible platform

Our web application platform enables cybersecurity experts to plan, conduct, measure and report tests on key components. This empowers cybersecurity experts to learn, collaborate and refine their skills and competencies.

esDynamic has been specifically developed to be the day-to-day tool for experts to work in, collaborate in, store and complete their business critical work. Using the latest technologies in data sciences, experts can rely on esDynamic to focus on their tasks, enabling them to manage the risk of their developments or analyses.

A modular approach

esDynamic also gives you the possibility to expand your knowledge and analysis capabilities with specific modules.

Advanced side-channel analysis module

When you’re analysing a new algorithm, you need to be able to access the related state-of-the-art attacks quickly and easily.

Deep learning module

Explore the recent developments in machine learning and deep learning that are being applied to side-channel.

Scatter module

Understand this truly innovative approach. Apply the scatter technique to different attacks on symmetric and asymmetric algorithms.

SMx module

Extend the side-channel framework with the latest Chinese algorithms. Co-developed with one of the leading experts in this area, OSR, this is indispensable for anyone looking for the state-of-the-art SM.x algorithms used in a large range of products (IoT, automotive, etc).

Simulated Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) module

If you are working on WhiteBox cryptography, you will need to assess the algorithms against Computational Data Analysis (CDA).

Training built around you

The best way to acquire knowledge is to be hands-on following and learning from practical use cases. We have developed a large library of specialized training that targets all levels of expertise. Sessions are targeted and relate to specific points in given technologies where eShard are experts, for example, cryptography side-channel, mobile application reverse engineering and deep learning.

Every session starts with a digital interaction with one of our experts, giving an overview of the module at a high level. The user is then able to conduct the learning at their pace with our expert available online for support and help.

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Whether you are starting out on your cybersecurity journey or are expert in need of a solution to a complex challenge, we are here to help.

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