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Customization and good developement practices in esDynamic

In this module, you will learn how to fully customize the esDynamic framework, including how to import your own librairies, define your own attack objects and targets and how to build your own python modules and environments. You will also learn about good practices when developping your own content in the esDynamic platform.

Covered Topics

  • Review of main esDynamic framework components
  • How to customize attack targets, models, attack objects
  • How to define your own python environment and libraries
  • Good development practices in esDynamic


  • Implement your own custom algorithm library in esDynamic
  • Import your own libraries
  • Create your own python environment


  • Basic knowledge in coding (Python)
  • Basic knowledge in side-channel (module SCAE.1)
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Practical information

Overall duration: 1-day if in-person / flexible duration if online.

Schedule: 9am-1pm - 2pm-6 pm CET (in-person)

Number of trainees: 1 max.

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