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Conduct your researches and state-of-the-art analyses on sensitive codes. Collaborate, share, exchange and increase efficiency. Ensure your software implementation withstands the latest security attacks. esDynamic can help make this a lot easier; emulate your software codes and stress them against side-channel and fault injections to increase your confidence of the security of your implementation.

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All in one

Run statistical and dynamic analyses end-to-end. You can instrument the binary, generate the data, filter the data, analyse the data and process the data. Our notebook functionality will help make this extremely easy.

Perform side-channel analysis

Provides first and second order statistical methods (DPA, CPA, MIA) on all popular algorithms (AES, TDES, RSA, ECC)

Observe data traces

Includes a dedicated library to apply data traces alignment and processing. Handles data traces from any physical measurements (power, near field EM) or software emulation.


Emulate the binary execution

Run a dynamic analysis by emulating the binary execution and trace all intermediate steps. Forge a set of data traces that you can use for advanced and sophisticated analyses.

Inject faults

Run a dynamic analysis and inject a chosen fault at your instruction. Intensive campaigns can be run covering large sets of executions with different models of fault and location.

Maintain high flexibility

Take benefit of the efficient iPython language and the notebook technology to run your R&D efforts on the esDynamic platform.

The power of collaboration and reporting

Gather experts and share and work together and efficiently.
Notebooks can be shared over the platform and help everyone to use reference scripts,
to implement coaching/educational programs, and simple to combine different
knowledge involved in the same analysis.


Reporting of the future

A notebook allows you to enter and customise your data instantly into the platform. Insert and edit text, write math formulas with LaTeX, write or import your own Python scripts and import images to illustrate a certain point. This data can easily be transformed into a report or tutorial and shared with others using the platform. Enabling you to create tutorials, in-depth reports and collaborate and share results with all users of the platform.

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