Side-channel analysis is becoming more and more complex as various skills are needed that are usually not in the same hand. Yet companies relying on cryptography to protect their assets need to understand possible vulnerabilities in their products. The side-channel analysis framework conducts your researches or state-of-the-art analysis on sensitive codes properly, efficiently and effectively.

esDynamic provides an advanced and flexible platform to perform a wide range of side-channel analyses. This dedicated product has been developed by specialists in the area to provide a wide range of leading edges signal processing and statistical methods, such as DPA, CPA, MIA and for all popular algorithms (TDES, AES, RSA). You will find it very easy to start your own analyses by exploiting our notebooks and tweak them with no limitation.


  • Open and collaborative platform for your developments in the side-channel area.
  • Provides first and second order statistical methods (DPA, CPA, MIA) on all popular algorithms (AES, TDES, RSA, ECC)
  • Includes a dedicated library to apply data traces alignment and processing.
  • Handles data traces from any physical measurements (power, near field EM) or software emulation.
  • Facilitate your analyses with a convenient way to observe data traces.
  • Make use of notebooks tutorials as a source of knowledge showing how to implement attacks Generates sophisticated technical reports with the notebook technology.



  • This unique solution will help you to create and execute your side-channel campaigns, to observe and process your data traces regardless their origin (power, electromagnetic, software emulation) and to manage the knowledge and results you will develop. The notebooks become your proactive report by inserting different content, such as LaTeX formulas, graphical symbols and the results of your analyses.
  • Side-channel analyses are complex and require different expertise. The combination of expertise will be greatly facilitated by the collaborative framework to share, brainstorm and improve your results. Your creativity and research efforts will feel free of all restrictions or complex user interfaces: you will be able to implement anything you want, the sky is your limit.
  • This framework is particularly suitable for academics, security laboratories and manufacturers. Currently, this is one of the only tools capable of extensive analysis for performing first and second orders analysis in an efficient way in the environment of your choice.


This tool can be used by:

It is the ideal tool for developers of any mobile applications that rely on cryptography to protect assets can take advantage of the tool and perform security checks. Whether you are checking a third party’s application, your own implementation or require a tool to perform certifications with, esDynamic is the most user-friendly and efficient tool available on the market today.


esDynamic provides a unique platform that hosts several modules to perform analysis on mobile applications. Check here for the additional module available.