With pre-loaded traces and faults, students can run tests themselves and play around with the different settings in order to get a better understanding of the threats and possibilities of an attack in embedded systems. The software can be provided both cloud-based as well as server-based. Since universities will most likely only make use of pre-loaded data, the cloud-based option is a logical choice. It is an easy setup which allows as many students as required to log on at the same time. There is no specific or dedicated network required to run the software and students can work remotely with any device, even smartphones!

Sharing your results is easy when you can work in a collaborative way. With esDynamic, you work on a same web interface. You share a common referral with your fellow researchers and they can use/reproduce your work/findings and advance research. Your students can play around with pre-loaded campaigns and get a better understanding of the threats and possibilities of attack in embedded systems.

Open framework
esDynamic is completely open: it is not limited technically. You can upload your own scripts in the tool and play around with pre-loaded traces.

Pay as you play
We offer esDynamic as SaaS, where no infra provisioning or installation is needed (interface via web browser/web-based tool). It is easy to deploy, you can start using the tool as soon as you access the service in the cloud/web interface. It makes it very simple for you to increase or decrease the service depending on how much you and your team use it. Unlike other frameworks, with esDynamic you can just take a license for a small period of time and you are free to use your own hardware bench.


Manage collaboration100%

Work with your team on a common basis and share your results with your team 100%


Increase or decrease the service depending on your usage 100%


Allow the framework to do the analysis for you 100%

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