The software can be delivered via the cloud or on a private server. Both setups allow multiple users to access the tool at the same time, which can result in more efficiency. The cloud-based setup will allow users to work remotely, which enables labs with facilities in different countries to work together more easily and efficiently. The server-based setup is available in case laboratories wish to work in a private, closed environment.

esDynamic allows you to balance the workload over your people and round the clock. When your crypto expert teams are worldwide, they can now use a platform to share their knowledge and collaborate. Regardless of their locaion.

Protect your company knowledge
Labs need to store evidence safely and securely, regularly. With esDynamic, your test environment is managed in a secure and sustainable way: your people’s work is saved in the tool, instead of relying on people’s machines which are often not up to date. What happens if you have a hardware failure? With esDynamic you can collect evidences and store them forever/in a secure manner. Everything is stored, you can access any previous attacks or traces or scripts.

Grow your computation power
When running attacks, computational processing always is a challenge. And organizing the right computation resources is not straightforward. You need to go for a unified, state-of-the-art, scalable computational model. We do believe that a good solution is to build an.architecture that easily distribute computational capabilities. esDynamic gives you the ability to grow your computational capability in a simple way. You do not need home-made tools (as you do now) to distribute the computation power.


Manage collaboration100%

Work with your team on a common basis and share your results with your team 100%


Store information onto your chosen server 100%


Allow the framework to do the analysis for you 100%

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