The tool allows you to perform static analysis as well as physical attacks. Upload your own traces to analyse the code or implement attacks to get a better understanding of how these attacks could potentially affect your product. The software can be run both cloud-based as well as server-based. The cloud-based option gives you flexibility in terms of working remotely and running the software on any device. The server-based option allows multiple users to work with the software in a closed environment, which is suitable if you wish to work in a private network.

Sharing research and results within your team of experts can be very painful. With esDynamic, the pain of sharing is taken away. You can now share the same scripts, so when you need to share a result, it is already in the tool! It is as simple as a mouse click away from you.

Protect your company knowledge
esDynamic is based on a client-server architecture: the attack is not running on your laptop, but on the server. Everything you run on the tool is stored within the tool. So your work is stored regularly, in a natural way ; no need regular backup actions from your side: you leave that to IT infrastructure (or cloud) Acquisition/data is generated at one place and you can access to the data from somewhere else, then you can launch your attack: the attack is not running on your laptop, but on the server. The attack is recorded and you can play it again and differently. The company can grant different access rights given a specific profile (or not). The authorized people access to the company resources: proprietary scripts, results and traces. All this data can be stored by the company in a comprehensive way, so that all the work that has been done by its team workers is available in the long run: no more knowledge leaks or losses. You can bring your new employees up-to-date with your company knowledge faster and in a much structured way. (one tool vs many applications).

Grow your computational power
Today, you’re limited by your hardware computation power. esDynamic provides a unified, state-of-the-art, scalable computational model. We do believe that a good solution is to build an.architecture that easily distribute computational capabilities. esDynamic gives you the ability to grow your computational capability in a simple way. You do not need home-made tools (as you do now) to distribute the computation power. Running attacks take time: with esD and our infrastructure, the time for performing a… attack on a 1M-trace campaign has been divided by …times. esD architecture supports multiple server cluster working at the same time, performing powerful attacks.

What if you could automatise some processes, so you can spend your time doing your real job: perform attacks and test your assumptions? With esDynamic, you don’t need to take care of thread or how the traces look like, you can focus on your job, which is cryptography analyses, resistance against attacks, security.

The traces can come from any source, whether hardware plateforme or emulated/data traces
The tool handles everything that comes to exploit and data processing
The tool gives you the ability to easily pre-process the traces, thanks to a set of commands/buttons


Manage collaboration100%

Work with your team on a common basis and share your results with your team 100%


Store information onto your chosen server 100%


Allow the framework to do the analysis for you 100%

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