Nowadays cryptographic algorithms and protocols are at the heart of billions of electronic devices’ security. Information stored in embedded devices like secure elements, such devices are potentially exposed to numerous attacks if the cryptographic algorithms are not thoroughly protected. All of your security architecture relies on the secrecy of the key. Side-channel analysis is a powerful technique known for years that allows to recover secret keys on hardware devices. It has been shown recently that it concerns both implementations on secure devices as well as software implementations like white-box cryptography implementations. Are you able to perform such attacks? Are your products and developments resistants to such attacks?  This course will provide you with side-channel attack knowledge and show how your implementation can withstand these attacks. During this training we will cover the theoretical aspects of attacks, as well as counter-measures with demonstrations. The participant will develop their skills by practically running attacks on a non-secure implementation. They will then be guided to protect the code in different iterations that they will challenge with growing attack complexity until the proper side-channel resistance is reached. After the course you will be able to develop resistant implementations and challenge your own implementations against the most common side-channel attacks.

  • Date: flexible, your choice!
  • Location: Boreaux or Marseille in France, or your office location
  • Costs: Please contact us

Side-channel attacks on symmetric implementations17%

Perform practical side-channel attacks15%

Side-channel counter-measures, incl DES and AES16%

Develop secure code versions 25%

Design of high order resistant counter-measures25%


3 days


  • Developers needing to validate and develop side-channel resistant cryptographic implementations.
  • Evaluators, researchers, students looking for deeper knowledge on side-channel attack and secure implementations.


Copy of the slides.


  • Coding and algorithmic mindset, basics on cryptographic code development.
  • Python and C coding knowledge is recommended.

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