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Oscilloscope Security in Chip
Laser & EM Fault Injection tool bench

Hardware Security Evaluations

Our team of experts is available for specialized hardware security evaluations. We have been helping our customers for:

  • Preparing for certification
  • Getting independent verifications on third-party security claims
  • Evaluating their product security before its release
  • Defining different attack paths and establish JIL ratings
  • Pursuing research on advanced techniques (e.g. photoemission, femto laser)
Laser Fault Injection Bench

Security Lab

Our security lab and our team of experts have long track records in practical investigations ranging from white box to black box, on a large set of devices ranging from smart cards to FPGAs. For this matter, we developed high-end laboratory capabilities allowing our experts to perform.

Recent targets

Find here some examples of the recent investigation our expert led on a large set of recent targets.

  • Black box security evaluation of a Secure Element chip - Glitch and SCA
  • Evaluation of the resistance of a SE chip against Fault Injection - LFI & EMFI
  • Comparative study on various AES implementations on the same SoC - SCA
  • Definition of a new attack vector on an innovative AES implementation with a masking SCA countermeasure - SCA
  • Evaluation of hardware-based AES of market leaders’ FPGAs - SCA
  • Security Evaluation of anti-counterfeiting IC
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