White-box cryptography (WBC) aims to implement a cryptographic algorithm in software in such a way that cryptographic assets remain secure. Even when these assets are prone to white-box attacks. Therefore, WBC is an essential technology in any software protection strategy, for instance in mobile applications or connected devices. This technology allows to perform cryptographic operations without revealing any portion of confidential information such as the cryptographic key. Without this, attackers could easily grab secret keys from the binary implementation, from memory, or intercept information that would reveal secret keys at execution time. To ensure confidence in security and limit the risk of attack, comprehensive analysis has to be executed.


Execute and trace/fault

Emulate binary

Run intensive campaigns

All in one

Run dynamic analyses end-to-end. You can instrument the binary, generate the data, filter the data, analyse the data
and process the data. Our notebooks will help make this extremely easy for you.

Create tutorials and scripts

The comprehensive notebook technology allows you to create tutorials and set of reference scripts. Enrich eshard’s material with your own.

Inject faults

Run a dynamic analysis and inject a chosen fault at your chosen instruction. The tool has been designed to run intensive campaigns covering large sets of executions with different models of fault and location. In doing this, you will be able to stress binary execution in the most advanced way to inject faults.

Generate traces

Run a dynamic analysis by emulating the binary execution and trace all intermediate steps. Different options are available to filter targeted operations or instructions. In doing so, you forge a set of data traces that you can use for advanced and sophisticated analyses. You work on data directly, there is no measurements noise any longer.

Reduce risk

Get assurance that your implementation will not be broken by testing it with leading-edge analysis techniques.

Improve your collaboration model

Facilitate collaboration by having an efficient way to share, guide and show your latest idea. All your test results can be kept as evidence and run for proof. You can review the work of your peers in the same work space.


This is the ideal tool for developers or analysts to explore the security of a binary performing a cryptographic operation, as well as performing security checks. Whether you are checking a third party’s application or your own implementation, the esDynamic framework will provide you with the ability to emulate the binary, script your analysis and perform your signal processing and statistical analyses on the data generated. Having this tool in hands will allow you to perform the latest attacks in the field and manage their complexity in an efficient way. You will find it very easy to start your own analyses by exploiting our notebooks and tweaking them without limitation.


Who is it for?

This tool can be used by:

It is the ideal tool for developers of any mobile applications that rely on cryptography to protect assets can take advantage of the tool and perform security checks. Whether you are checking a third party’s application, your own implementation or require a tool to perform certifications with, esDynamic is the most user-friendly and efficient tool available on the market today.

Create instant reports and tutorials and easily share these