esDynamic provides an advanced and flexible platform to perform a wide range of side-channel analyses. This dedicated product has been developed by specialists in the area to provide a wide range of leading edges signal processing and statistical methods, such as DPA, CPA, MIA and for all popular algorithms (TDES, AES, RSA). You will find it very easy to start your own analyses by exploiting our notebooks and tweak them with no limitation. Side-channel analyses are complex and require different expertise. The combination of expertise will be greatly facilitated by the collaborative framework to share, brainstorm and improve your results. Your creativity and research efforts will feel free of all restrictions or complex user interfaces: you will be able to implement anything you want, without limitations. Currently, this is one of the only tools capable of extensive analysis for performing first and second orders analysis in an efficient way in the environment of your choice.


Trace alignment

  • Support all traces
  • Create your own alignment and filters
  • Provide a library of filters and classical alignment functions
  • Take benefit of existing Python library
  • Dedicated visualisation tool


  • Perform 1st and 2nd order attacks (CPA, DPA, etc.)
  • Advanced features, including T-Tests
  • Optimised for fast computation
  • Dedicated functions for all popular algorithms (TDES, AES, RSA, ECC)

Reporting & testing

  • This notebook can become your reference point
  • Create your own report template
  • Traces and notebooks are available for collaboration
  • Keep track of the testing results for future evidence

All in one

Run dynamic analyses end-to-end. You can import traces, perform signal-processing and attacks, all the way to reporting your analysis work. Our notebooks will help make this extremely easy for you.

Reduce risk

Get assurance that your implementation will not be broken by testing it with leading-edge analysis techniques.

Provides first and second order statistical methods

Perform DPA, CPA, MIA on all popular algorithms, including AES, TDES, RSA, ECC.

Improve your collaboration model

Facilitate collaboration by having an efficient way to share, guide and show your latest ideas.

Save time

Use an efficient platform that allows multiple users with different expertise to work together simultaneously.

Handle and observe traces

From any physical measurements (power, near field EM) or software emulation.


This tool is developed for crypto experts (developers, researchers and analysts) to complement static analysis and physical attacks (SCA and FIA) working in the following fields:

Now research and education can take place in an efficient way.

Instead of being stretched by jumping from one tool to another and working in a tedious way, focus on the right things, together.

esDynamic represents the right opportunity to be effective and sharp. It increases your chances of making the best of your time.

Create instant reports and tutorials and easily share these with our notebooks