Empowering professionals to control cyber-risks

eShard were born from the collaboration of Georges Gagnerot and Hugues Thiebeauld, two forty-year-olds with a passion for technology and security experts. While working in the same company for 6 months, they became aware that there is a lack of support philosophy in the security market : companies are not empowered with the tools they need to improve the security of their mobile or connected devices.

A trusted partner, which manufacturers could rely on to test their products in confidence and get advice and solutions to strengthen their resistance against fraudulent events.

Convinced that a new vision is needed in the sector, they embark on the entrepreneurial adventure in 2015. From the get go, eShard meet its public and collaborate with players in high-tech, semi-conductors, finance, and defence sectors. From "consulting" expertise, eShard have extended their offering to innovative software such as esDynamic. Driven by the will to democratise the complex environment of security, they adopt a collaborative approach with their customers, empowering them to understand the risk and manage it properly.

Today, eShard collaborate with renowned players and have seen continuous growth since its creation.


Company creation




Locations: Bordeaux, Marseille, Singapore

Hugues has two passions: technology and business development. After 10 years working in France, he goes abroad to work for a product certification company. At the helm of a team of 50 people, he multiplies by 9 the turnover of his business unit in only 5 years, bringing it to more than 9M of dollars.

In 2015, Hugues is looking for a new challenge. He meets Georges Gagnerot and together they co-found eShard, both driven by the desire to disrupt the security market by offering a real support on the issues of securing connected objects and mobile applications.

Hugues is CEO of the company and is responsible for eShard's business development and customer relations.

Georges is passionate about technology. At age 10, he already dismantled his first computer to understand how it worked and had fun challenging the backups and security of the video games he was playing. After a thesis in embedded security, he held several positions related to computer security.

In 2015, he decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure of eShard alongside Hugues Thiebeauld, with whom he shares strong values and a taste for excellence.

He holds the position of CTO and manages the company's wide technical panel, in addition to all the R&D efforts.

eShard are a major player in the security of mobile applications and connected objects in Europe and Asia.

Working mainly in the high-tech, semiconductors, finance, and defence sectors, the company offers risk management support, design software to understand the risk and make sure the right protection is implemented. eShard dedicate their offering to customers willing to protect their data, their transaction, or their intellectual properties.

eShard were founded in 2015 by Hugues Thiebeauld and Georges Gagnerot, two experts very involved in the fight against cyber risks. It is with a shared disruptive vision that they decided to work on cyber issues in close collaboration with their clients, giving a prominent place to the explanation of each weakness identified. Exit opacity on very technical matters. eShard help professionals to get a good understanding of the risk and in control of the remediation.

Based in Bordeaux, Marseille and Singapore, the company has already filed a dozen patents on embedded process security techniques, employs more than 20 employees and produces 70% of its turnover outside of France.