eshard taking part in Trustech 2017

eshard, expert in security of embedded systems and mobile applications, will take part in TRUSTECH 2017. The show is being held between 28th and 30th of November, 2017, at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France and focuses on bringing together the entire payments and cyber security industry.

As a young and innovative company we want to bring more visibility on how critically finance/banking/payment mobile applications need to be  protected.  Whilst we understand that design is hugely important to these companies, protection of mobile applications should be equally high on the agenda. Finding vulnerabilities and patching them after the initial design of the mobile app causes a delay in time-to-market and possible breaches which can be damaging to the brand.p. At eshard we want to offer more education on what can be done toprotect both the mobile application as well as the brand of the product by taking security into account, right from the start. We would like to provide companies with a better visibility of the protections inside their developments.

At Trustech, eshard aims at offering attendees insights into the latest secure technologies. eshard offers solutions  to challenge and measure the security embedded in modern products. For instance esChecker performs in-depth analysis into mobile application obfuscation. esDynamic can challenge embedded cryptographic implementations on hardware devices and mobile applications and recover the secrets with state-of-the art and innovative attacks. Both tools rely on modern and collaborative interfaces to work differently and more efficiently. We demonstrate these products during the three days that we’re exhibiting. Furthermore, we invite people to come past our stand to understand how our training and consultancy approaches help application developers improve application security from day one.

Trustech is a global event to offer interaction with actors from different domains. It brings together the next generation of Payments and Identification ecosystems, with a special focus on Startups and Fintech, System integration, Database Management, Software and Services.We look forward meeting our partners and customers to work out new business opportunities, as well as gathering feedback on the new solutions we’re about to launch.

eshard will be exhibiting in booth LER B 005 and will be lining up meetings and demonstrations for interested attendees.

About eshard

eshard has strong expertise in payment and embedded security. We help the payment industry to launch secure payment products, both traditional (smartcard) and innovative (mobile payment application). Not only do we test the security embedded in these products, but we also help the developers to find the right level of security/protection and how to  better manage their risk.

eshard’s team consists of respectively former directors and senior experts of security certification laboratories and embedded secure solution vendors such as Oberthur, Thales, Inside Secure and others, where they gained hands-on and intensive experience in embedded systems attack techniques and the corresponding protections. All together we have practical knowledge on embedded software security (iOS, Android, embedded Linux, etc.), cryptography (side-channel, fault-injection), hardware security (SE, TEE) and communication protocols.

Claire Bisson