Join our webinar about applying the ‘Rowhammer effect’ on the 11th of October

TrustZone is a hardware-based security technique built into SoCs by semiconductor chip designers who want to provide secure end-points and a root of trust. During this 30 minute webinar, we will go over the principles of TrustZone (ARM Security Extensions). Once we have covered this, we will go into the “Rowhammer effect” and how it can be used to induce faults in memory. In particular, you will learn how the Rowhammer effect can be used against a specific TrustZone implementation. This webinar is interesting for those that want to learn more about how a Rowhammer attack is being executed. We will offer a few minutes at the end of the webinar to ask questions.

Applying the ‘Rowhammer effect’ in TrustZone implementations
Wednesday the 11th of October 2pm CET.
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