New release of esDynamic at CHES2017 in Taiwan

Next month, eshard will be introducing the new release of the esDynamic platform during CHES2017 in Taiwan. As CHES attracts the community involved in cryptography and embedded security, this conference serves as the perfect venue to demonstrate esDynamic.
esDynamic offers an advanced framework for side-channel analyses and researches. It can support all kind of traces and allows you to perform your signal processing and statistics. A complementary module implements a white-box crypto framework, which emulates binary, injects faults and creates traces.
The software can be easily installed with different configuration models to fit your hardware setup for high computations. Besides, it offers a new way of reporting through the notebook feature. With the notebook feature, you can create instant analytical reports through this ultra-flexible feature which allows you to edit and add text, write code or mathematical formulas straight into the platform, make notes, import data and share it in an instant. The collaborative nature of the platform offers new opportunities for sharing and going one step ahead.
Come and see for yourself during CHES conference or request a demo today.
Marketing Leader