A beta tester’s view on esDynamic side-channel analysis module

Lionel Riviere is one of eshard’s security experts and creator of the esDynamic platform. This platform is designed for security experts, and one of the modules has been developed for side-channel analysis to get in-depth information on various sensitive cryptographic implementation including whitebox cryptography. esDynamic is getting more and more modular, so now side-channel analysis is one of the modules available on the esDynamic collaborative platform.

He’s recently started a pilot with one of our beta testers, which he details below.

“One of the benefits we continue to stress with regards to this tool is collaboration. Our beta tester has confirmed as well that this is one of the tool’s strongest points. Teams, whether they are sitting next to each other or working around the globe in different time zones, can easily work together by storing and exchanging information and findings via this platform. Furthermore, our use of up-to-date technologies is also giving the tool a strong advantage in the market.”

“Of course though not everything can be perfect, which is why we wanted experts in the field to test the software. One of the improvement points, which we will be working on, is loading the data onto the tool. Sometimes though server configurations can be the one to blame for this, but we certainly take this feedback into account for the next development phase.”

“This product has been primarily designed for experts, who will find all latitude to implement and execute their own code and analysis. From this perspective, they can devote their R&D resources to develop their expertise relying on a solid framework to focus on innovations. On the other hand, our beta tester is right in saying that for people who are not experts, this tool can be very useful when you can’t or prefer not to invest in internal tool development.”

“It fits both small and large organisations as the tool increases overall efficiency, which is particularly useful when working with larger teams”, Lionel said.

Another key point that our tester addressed, is the management of large volumes. The esDynamic platform has everything in hands to handle this effectively.

“Our beta tester confirmed that they would use it on a daily basis. I am glad to hear this, because this is exactly one of the reasons why we developed this tool. No one needs tools they will be barely using, we are aiming to offer a solution that increases efficiency. All in all I am happy with their review and we’ll continue development to ensure the latest feedback is implemented. I am always happy to hear more opinions, as it helps us creating the best possible tools for our clients.”

We are hosting a webinar on this specific topic on the 5th and 7th of April. If you would like to find out more, please check our LinkedIn page or keep an eye on our Twitter feed. Alternatively, feel free to contact us!

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