How do you manage the complexity of side-channel analysis?



How do you manage the complexity of side-channel analysis?

Companies relying on cryptography to protect their assets need to understand possible vulnerabilities in their products. Side-channel analysis is however becoming more and more complex as various skills are needed that are usually not in the same hand. On the one hand, you need cryptography skills, but you also need people that are able to do hardware measures such as power and electro-magnetic measures. And finally, you also need to perform software measures and signal processing. Side-channels started with DPA, and a straightforward difference of means. Nowadays, it has moved to a never-reached complexity mixing concepts in advanced areas, such as elaborated signal processing, machine learning, code profiling, etc. So how do you manage this complexity? And how can you conduct your researches or state-of-the-art analysis on sensitive codes properly, efficiently and effectively?

As it is hard to find people that are multi-skilled across all levels, collaboration is one of the key success factors when it comes to side-channel analysis. Teams need to work together, share core knowledge and scripts and benefit from the work from each other, to be able to perform state-of-the-art analysis. However collaboration is often not easily realized as teams working in different locations around the world don’t work off a single platform and with a unified framework. Even when you’re sitting in the same office; you are able to brainstorm, but in order to properly share working on individual PCs is not optimal.

Now there’s a solution to solve this problem. Our experts at eshard have developed a platform which allows teams to balance the workload and round the clock. With a common platform, you can develop and execute scripts online. The platform can run either in the cloud or on a private server. Everything is facilitated to ease the collaborative work. The platform provides the opportunity to share, store and display traces or results, to launch attacks in just three clicks and allows you to write, execute and share your own scripts without any restrictions.

In other words, you can concentrate on your own expertise and research and rely on a framework specifically tailored for side-channel and advanced studies. Thanks to our client/server approach, it becomes very easy to exploit your side-channel capabilities. The only thing needed is a browser to set-up a new client. Remote access is even possible if you wish it. And you are free to tailor your high computational and storage capabilities on the server in line with your needs.

Thanks to its modern architecture, esDynamic provides a flexible and very efficient way to work and collaborate in side-channel and build a solution in line with your expectations. Watch our new demos which show you exactly how easy it is to use the platform and to work together with it.

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