What you can expect from eshard during CHES2016

Image_expertiseCHES2016 is around the corner! During this conference, eshard will present its new tool: esDynamic.  To sum up all the features of esDynamic, it is a complete web-based framework for analyzing cryptographic codes against side-channel and fault injections. esDynamic stands out from the competition because of a few reasons. First of all, esDynamic is a collaborative tool akin to most web 2.0 services everyone use today.

The tool integrates a client/server architecture that allows different people to get access to test campaigns and share the statistic results and facilitate the team work.

As a “software-only solution”, it is up to the customer to define which hardware measurement set up they want to use. The compatibility between the customer’s hardware and our software is designed to be really easy for everyone.

Furthermore esDynamic is a web-based tool, which means it is very flexible as the portability is very high, it works on tablets, PCs and even on smartphones. With esDynamic, everyone can use their own machine. The deployment within a team becomes a very easy task.

The tool will be available in both configurations: either on a cloud-based mode or on an integrated mode. On the secure cloud-based mode, you can benefit of an evolutive processing and storage capability. The licence model will be tailored together with your usage. On the integrated mode, you will be able to run the tool on your own secure environment and take the best of your hardware capabilities.

esDynamic is a combination of a performing and flexible tool that is designed to be able to integrate new libraries. Everything has been designed for becoming an open tool, ready to leave you the opportunity to integrate your own dedicated software.

The performance of eshard’s tool is extremely high because it can use the power of the cloud or be easily adapted to a distributed architecture.

Besides, eshard’s tool is secure because esDynamic can run on a closed network as well. You just have to host the application on a machine, which is configured as a server.

Unlike other frameworks, with esDynamic you can just take a license for a small period of time and you are free to use your own hardware.

In short, esDynamic embraces the latest technologies and everything has been built to efficiently handle high volume of data processing in the most effective and flexible way.

We invite you to come and see the live demonstration at CHES, or keep an eye out for a video cast which will be published soon! To stay up-to-date with what’s happening at CHES, follow us on Twitter: @eshardnews.

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