Perform side-channel analysis as well as analysis on cryptographic algorithm codes in embedded systems

Perform analysis on secure devices, mobile applications or embedded devices. esDynamic helps perform leading edge analyses with combining statistics, data observations and large volume of data computation. It is the ideal framework for developers of any sensitive implementations that rely on cryptography to protect assets to perform security checks and improve the security. It is the only tool of its kind available in the market today that allows efficient sharing and collaboration through the notebook technology. Write or import your own code, create mathematical formulas and import media to create instant reports and tutorials which can be shared with other users. The platform can be used to perform side-channel analysis, fault injections, generate traces and for white-box cryptography analysis.

Efficiently collaborate and share

Gather multiple analyses in a single platform

Open platform allows customization

Build scalable computational ability



Side-Channel Analysis Framework


Various frameworks have been designed to run on top of the platform to perform specific analysis, such as side-channel and white-box cryptography. Click on the side-channel analysis framework for more information.

White-box Cryptography Framework


Various frameworks have been designed to run on top of the platform to perform specific analysis, such as side-channel and white-box cryptography. Click on the white-box cryptography framework for more information.


  • All-in-one tool allowing security experts to perform in-depth security analyses more efficiently with a collaborative platform. It can be installed on different configurations; stand-alone computer, server or in a computationally demanding environment.
  • Perform technical analyses in the domain of embedded security such as:
    • Side-Channel analyses
    • White-box Crypto analyses
  • Technology integration: The latest emulation frameworks are/can be integrated.
  • Maintain the highest flexibility: Take benefit of the efficient iPython language and the notebook technology to run your R&D efforts on the esDynamic platform.
  • Support all kinds of traces: The tool is agnostic of the hardware you use. All data traces can be converted into the right format
  • Run dynamic analysis: emulate the binary execution and trace all intermediate steps, or inject a chosen fault.


Install on stand-alone computer

Install on a server

Install in a computational demanding environment


Create instant reports and tutorials and easily share these


Manufacturers & application developers

Prior to submitting your product for official certification, it is important to understand how robust your product is in terms of security. The esDynamic framework is the perfect tool to assess this.

Test laboratories & analysts

Test laboratories can use the esDynamic platform to complement static analysis and physical attacks of products that need to be certified.


Universities & academic researchers

Universities can use the esDynamic framework to provide students with different test cases and attacks.